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Costanza Manes, MSc
Research Fellow, PhD Student

1604 McCarty Dr. Room G047
Gainesville, FL 32603

I am a PhD graduate student with a great interest in conservation, infectious diseases and the concept of One Health. I was born and raised in Rome, Italy, and moved to London to pursue my undergraduate degree in Zoology at Queen Mary University. I then obtained an MSc in Conservation Science at Imperial College.

Throughout my education, I have always been fascinated by disciplines such as epidemiology and infectious diseases. I am particularly intrigued by how anthropogenic effects can negatively impact health on a human, animal, and environmental level and keen to research ways to intervene and contain it.

I am now working on my PhD research in collaboration with the Wildlife, Ecology and Conservation Department investigating sea turtle cancer (Fibropapillomatosis) in Florida and possible environmental and anthropogenic drivers behind disease dynamics. At the One Health Center of Excellence I explore the circular health nature of wildlife epidemics rising from environmental alteration and I build synergies between the center and the wildlife disease community around the world.

I enjoy running, practicing Capoeira, spending hours on jigsaw puzzles, reading, and going out with friends.