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Costanza Manes, MSc
Volunteer – J1 visiting scholar candidate
1604 McCarty Dr. Room G047
Gainesville, FL 32603

I am a recent MSc graduate with a great interest in conservation, infectious diseases and the concept of One Health. I was born and raised in Rome, Italy, and I left after high school to pursue my undergraduate degree in Zoology at Queen Mary University of London. Straight after, I attended Imperial College London and obtained an MSc in Conservation Science.

Throughout my education, I have always been fascinated by disciplines such as epidemiology and infectious diseases. This passion led me to design my own MSc thesis project: an assessment of gastrointestinal parasites of non-human primates across different degrees of disturbed forest in Costa Rica. I am particularly intrigued by how anthropogenic effects can negatively impact health on a human, animal and environmental level and keen to research ways to react and contain it.

I am joining the One Health Center of Excellence at UF with a student fellowship linked to Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei. I will develop several projects working on different disciplines within the One Health concept and aid with the preparation of academic courses and material.

I enjoy running, practicing Capoeira, spending hours on jigsaw puzzles, reading, and going out with friends.