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Tom Smith, PhD
Leonardo Fellow


THOMAS BRYAN SMITH is a post-doctoral associate at the Bureau of Economic and Business Research/Clinical and Translational Science Institute Network Science Lab at the University of Florida. Thomas’ research leverages network science, natural language processing, and machine learning to examine the relationship between networks of social support and criminal behavior, and the structural and dyadic predictors of scientific collaboration. His recent work focuses on the longitudinal dynamics of co-offending networks, especially in response to law enforcement, the curvilinear relationship between topic overlap and scientific collaboration, and the impact of federal funding on innovation in science.


Title: "Natural language processing and network analysis provide novel insights on policy and scientific discourse around Sustainable Development Goals"

Tom Smith co-authored a paper alongside Dr. Ilaria Capua and Dr. Raffaele Vaca on the use of artificial intelligence applied to language analysis to study the connections among Sustainable Development Goals both in the official United Nations discourse, and academic literature. The article has been published in Nature - Scientific Reports.