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Luca Mantegazza, PhD

1604 McCarty Dr. Room G047
Gainesville, FL 32603

I am a Political Economist by training but I have always adopted an interdisciplinary approach to my research. Indeed, I originally came to UF in 2016 as a visiting scholar at the Center for African Studies to expand my Ph.D. dissertation on human capital and political violence in sub-Saharan Africa to include perspectives from other disciplines including Political Science, Religious Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, and Linguistic. During this time, I also joined the Sahel Research Group at UF.

At the end of my visiting period I was offered a position as an Adjunct Lecturer in Game Theory and Microeconomics from the Department of Economics at UF where I have worked for the past three years while completing my Ph.D. dissertation. At the end of the Spring semester 2020, I reached out to the One Health Center to offer my assistance in analyzing the socio-economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemics and I started to help coordinating the many transdisciplinary collaborations with other universities and research centers studying the pandemic.

My previous education includes a BSc. in Economics from the University of Roma “Tor Vergata” (2011), a MSc. in Economics Research from the London School of Economics (2012), and a Ph.D. in Political Economy from the IMT School for Advanced Studies in Lucca, Italy (2019). Between my Master and Ph.D. I worked for a year in rural Tanzania as a project coordinator for an NGO.

In my free time I enjoy cooking, doing crosswords puzzles, reading sci-fi and history books, and exploring nature either on foot or biking.