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Circular Health for Industry

The Mission

The mission of the Circular Health for Industry project is:

  • to study how to collect, manage and analyze data, especially in a predictive manner
  • to study the health of humans, animals, and plants from a Circular Health perspective
  • to develop Artificial Intelligence algorithms that work on this data
  • to improve the infrastructure for collecting and analyzing this type of data
  • to retrain workers for the adoption of AI technologies.

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Project Plans

The projects will focus on using data and AI techniques to improve the management of companies operating in human healthcare, animal welfare, and agrifood safety to foster and encourage progress towards all the sustainable development goals.

In particular, the project will tackle the need for industries to adjust to the introduction of new AI-based technologies and especially retraining workers to use them successfully.


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  • Overarching Themes
    • Gender by Default
    • Citizen Empowerment
    • Interdisciplinarity

Main SDGs

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