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Open Data Platform

A novel approach to data access enabling global collaboration

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the need to change the pace of how data is collected, organized, analyzed, and shared on a global scale. One of the main causes of the lack of international coordination is the difficulty of implementing large-scale, cross-disciplinary investigations capable of managing large amounts of data from multiple sources.

Partnering with CERN, Circular Health is developing a platform able to implement multi-disciplinary data-driven research projects based on open-access data and open-source tools. 

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The Circular Health project proved to be of much interest and success, leading Fabiola Gianotti, the CERN Director-General, to support the creation of a new dedicated project called CERN Science for Open Data (CS4OD). Its mission is to integrate CERN tools and expertise into a platform for supporting international projects.


Within this platform, we are also working on organizational and structural guidelines to assure all research projects and programs adhere to the same standards in order to guarantee the success of the initiative. This governance effort is being handled in conjunction with the Governance Lab @ NYU.

In order to collaborate toward Open, Systematic, Sustainable, and Responsible Science we are pursuing the following goals:

  • Develop trust
  • Increase capacity
  • Provide innovative solutions
  • Foster better and open science
  • Achieve large scale dimension

Pilot Study: Excess Deaths

As a pilot study, a research group from our partners at Bocconi University is using a prototype of the platform to visualize and analyze. Excess deaths are typically defined as the difference between the observed numbers of deaths in specific time periods and expected numbers of deaths in the same time periods (via CDC).

The project's main objectives:

  • Systematic literature review, observe differences in countries' estimation of excess death and map sources of these numbers
  • Geographical inequalities, compare mortality across and within countries, and investigate change over time
  • The indirect effect on other diseases, quantify the impact of the pandemic on health services and treatment for non-COVID diseases

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    • Gender by Default
    • Citizen Empowerment
    • Interdisciplinarity

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