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Thermostable Vaccines

The Issue of the Cold-Chain

The vaccination campaign against SARS-CoV-2 has many challenging hurdles, one of which is maintaining the cold chain for the distribution, delivery, and storage of available vaccines and ensuring their full efficacy is preserved for administration.

Currently, the cold chain is necessary because thermostable vaccines do not exist (ie, heat-stable and freeze-stable, so as to be stored at a temperature of >8Ā°C). No COVID-19 vaccine exists in a form that could be sent to homes by mail and, ideally, self-administered.

The Need for Thermostability

Developing thermostable vaccines was never a priority for wealthy countries. Policy-makers saw no foreseeable circumstance in which they would not have the refrigerating power to manage a widespread vaccination rollout.

It is low-income and middle-income countries that have the highest demand for thermostability and, although supported by international organizations, this technology was never prioritized by vaccine developers, industries, and funding entities.

Perhaps investing in global needs, which include the needs of the poorest people, would have benefited the whole of humanity in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. Circular Health calls for a reprioritization of the advancements in vaccine development towards thermostable vaccines. This is essential to fully make use of the power of immunization campaigns even under diverse epidemiological, geographical, and logistical circumstances.


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