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“Santa Lucia in Front of Governor Pascasio”, predella part of the “Altarpiece of Santa Lucia” by Lorenzo Lotto (1480/1556), oil on panel, 69×32 cm, 1525 – 1532. Pinacoteca Civica in Jesi (Ancona)

I am captivated by the firmness in St. Lucia’s eyes, that shows her courage in fighting a just cause. I am moved by her gesture: she points her finger to the sky, a symbol of her resilience.

Today, let’s celebrate unanimously all women, in particular the youngest, who take the courage to fight for a just cause.

-Dr. Ilaria Capua

International Women's Day

The One Health Center of Excellence is dedicated to promoting and engaging with female empowerment in the scientific realm and beyond. Towards this objective, we host an annual event on International Women's Day celebrating and uplifting women's voices in our community.

This year we are hosting a 4 hour livestream celebrating the day with guest speakers, student presentations, and so much more! Watch it live below:

We would like to dedicate our 5th  IWD event to our main donor of 2020.

Dr. EBP is a practicing veterinarian who embraces the Circular Health concept in her day to day work and by supporting scientific research through the One Health Center. She is a wife and mother and her motto is “Kindness and love can uncover blooming science”

Thank you for supporting our Circular Health Program!