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This idea would not have become real without the generosity of Veronica and Andrea Bocelli with Sugar Music and of Giorgia with Microphonica/Sony Music Italy


"We believe that music can be a means of finding convergence in moments of hardship. Today, science is sometimes accused of growing distant from the general population and scientists are perceived as inhabiting tall ivory towers.  Some of these ‘Ivory Tower Dwellers’  seem really strange and sectors of society even believe they are bandits.

It is time that we communicate to the public that science is the inspiration, the determination and the passion by which we aim to achieve a sustainable, and even more beautiful tomorrow."

- Dr. Ilaria Capua

Beautiful Science is an inspirational video celebrating science, scientists, and the passion they have for their work. Through a partnership with Andrea Bocelli and Giorgia, the One Health Center at UF is proud to present this piece as our first Outreach Challenge, in the hopes of communicating not only the importance of scientific work, but the pride we should all feel for our scientists.

Special Thanks

The One Health team would like to thank the Italian Embassy in Washington for their patronage, and acknowledge the following organizations for empowering this vision: