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 One Health Leonardo Fellowship program

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Residency and Scholarship awards are closed for 2019-2020, but keep checking back for other funding opportunities

Current opportunities


ISI Fellowship - Digital Epidemiology and Public Health

Leonardo Fellowship with LUISS on ASF - Trade and Economics of ASF Crisis

Previously offered fellowships

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LEO-BBT UF Leonardo Special Scholarship

The One Health Center of Excellence at the University of Florida is a multidisciplinary think tank that promotes and facilitates the implementation of the One Health vision. It focuses on understanding the interconnections between the health of humans, of animals, of plants and of the environment. The final objective of implementing the One Health vision is the promotion of the advancement of health of the system rather than that of a single compartment. Innovative studies on how to co-advance health of humans, animals, plants and the environment can now be developed by exploiting big data with an interdisciplinary approach.

The Center provides fellowships, internships and the OH Minds program to provide tools, methodologies and ideas to promote the vision of  One health – i.e. treating health as a circular asset -rather than as a condition which is relevant only to one or few selected species.   

As an undeniably useful starting point, we seek to provide interdisciplinary one health approaches to previously mismanaged issues (eg  Anti Microbial Resistance)  although we also are active on providing potential novel solutions to contemporary issues.

The Center provides fellowships, internships and training on developing an approach towards health as a system.

  • Fellowships: are provided by the Center or by sponsors as aggregation catalysts for addressing complex interdisciplinary issues and provide funds to pay faculty time. Calls are published every year.
  • Special Scholarships: are funded or co-funded by a sponsor with the objective of advancing an unexplored aspect of a previous project.
  • OH Minds program: are a unique model to develop tailored interdisciplinary solutions with great potential. They are only externally funded.


One Health Minds  program

We have developed this program for stakeholders interested in supporting young professional’s interdisciplinary training around concepts embraced by the One Health vision. The training is a personalized program which recommends the student’s enrollment in the UF One Health Certificate (9 online credits and 3 classroom or online credits) and an experiential learning program in which h/s will lead or co-lead an interdisciplinary group which will be in charge of  addressing the issue of interest agreed between the OHC and the sponsor. These interdisciplinary groups will always also include a data scientist from ISI Torino  and will be in charge of preparing the outcome of the tailored fellowship program to their sponsors. The OH minds grant model foresees experiential training in different locations and settings in leading international or academic institutions.

Management of Outcome:

Outcome: feasibility study, white paper, report, preliminary study, publication.

Sponsor can:

 -Buy in (pay UF/ISI matching funds)

- Use it within 3 months (and not pay for it )

- Give it: If not used after three months it becomes UF/ISI and we can propose it to donors or funding agencies.