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(01/24/23) Under the new government of president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Brazil pledged to end the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. Local authorities started to visit deep locations in the Brazilian jungle to stop illegal loggers and ranchers from clearing the forest illegally. Read more here.

(12/16/22) In a new study, NASA measured the amount of water moving from the Sierra Nevada to the Central Valley in California. This is especially relevant given the impact that climate change is having on this region, which produces more than 40% of the fruits and vegetables that the USA consumes every year, even if accounting for less than 1% of the country's farmland. Read more here.

(12/16/22) Many large-scale agricultural operations are subsidized by governments. However, a recent report by FAO, UNEP, and UNDP found out that these subsidies are not always helping farmers (and society) achieve Sustainable Development Goals. Read more here.

(12/16/22) After Hurricane Ian barreled Florida, many beehives were damaged, and crops were destroyed. This left beekeepers and farm owners with many questions regarding the future of the industry with the worsening effects of climate change.  Read more here.

(12/9/22) This year's UN Biodiversity Conference will convene governments from around the world to agree to a new set of goals for nature over the next decade through the Convention on Biological Diversity post-2020 framework process. Read more here.

(16/Nov/22) We're in the middle of COP27 and here, at the UF One Health Center, we decided to bring you the most relevant and important news coming from Egypt. With climate change being a major driver of One Health related problems, we are sure that you will enjoy it. Check it here.

(16/Nov/22) Research shows that nature-based solutions, and in particular forest-based actions for mitigating climate change, can provide an important part of the mitigation needed to limit global warming to well below 2°C. Right now, global leaders are discussing what are the next steps to fight against and adapt to the worst effects of the climate crisis. Read more about this here.

(16/Nov/22) he UN Environment Programme (UNEP) announced a new initiative today at the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27) - the Nature for Cool Cities Challenge, which incentivizes cities to use the cooling power of nature. Read more about it here.

(Oct/5/22) Read this special report from the New York Times on how a small country in South America is taking some interesting steps towards a cleaner future. Check it here

(Sep/26/22) Thanks to innovative apps, people around the world are helping to prevent food waste and the carbon emissions associated with it. The model is growing, and it could present a major opportunity to decrease food waste globally.  Read more here

(Sep/6/22) A major humanitarian crisis is quickly developing in the Horn of Africa. Somalia is experiencing one of the toughest droughts periods in history, and people are already dying, UN officials say that famine is on the way, and time is running out. Read more here

(Sep/1/22) The USA government is "putting a price" on the destruction brought by climate change (wildfires, droughts, floods, and other climate-related events). However, a team of researchers recently published an article in Nature where they found that the cost of every tonne of CO2 emitted, is approximately 3.6X higher than what the federal government is using to inform climate policy. Read the article here

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